“From the laws of motion to the thrill of launch, the flying bottle rockets are designed, built by students and launched by students.” Excite and Educate Rocket Man Bottle Launcher promises a thrilling journey into Rocket Science for high school learners. The Bottle Rocket launcher is safe and easy to use for students and greatly increases student engagement and learning through practical hands-on rocket science challenges. Simon Fowler – Head Teacher TAS Marsden High School
“’I’ve been a Rocketman Bottle Rocket Launcher user for well of a decade now & find it to be one of the most valuable teaching resources we possess. ” I mean, who doesn’t like teaching & learning through the design, testing, evaluating, & launching (& potential destruction of) bottle rockets?!?! We use our launcher extensively throughout Stage 4 & also do a lot of primary school transition activities & competitions with our local community of schools. What better way to learn about STEM, design & engineering than this safe, cost-effective & easy to learn & use technology.” Steve Delaney – Head Teacher Technologies South Coast Secondary Boys Basketball Coach / Convener
“Wow, it goes so far sir! I’ve improved my design, and now I’m reaching over 80 meters!” “Its so exciting sir to blow things up and do it over and over again to see my designs change in their flights” “Mr Barter, you’ve inspired me to do engineering at university with the AAVC competition opportunities to experiment and learn.” Kind Regards, Brian Barter – HEAD OF TECHNOLOGY/STEM
“…it has been a most worthwhile addition to our faculty resources…” Over the years I have worked closely with Dean in developing the Bottle Rocket program at our College. We have been operating 3 units for the last 10 years and they have survived the test of time. Units operate very efficiently and when in operation create a high level of excitement. In the classroom, the design process for the rockets can be at a basic level or can be extended out if required. I highly recommend this program. Cheers Ross Yates – Technology Assistant/Teacher Newington College