Rocketman is robust, safe and fun!

Robust: Rocketman has been designed specifically for the school environment so its robust enough to withstand the rigours of everyday school use.
Safety: Comes with a pressure limiter to prevent accidental bottle rupture.  It features 5 metre fill lines to ensure that students are a safe distance away.
Rocketman gives the student an unbeatable opportunity to see their creation take to the sky again and again. It’s designed with the WOW factor built in.

The launcher

Seven prototypes, several thousand dollars, several thousand hours and seven years later, here we are with “Rocketman”. Our bottle rocket launcher is robust, safe and easy to use. Rocketman, and is unique in education circles (and in the world for that matter) because it was designed exclusively for the education market with school students in mind. As a result, the students take control of their learning resulting in very high levels of engagement.