What is RocketmanTM?

In 2010 as a High School Teacher, I was dissatisfied with how students were being taught engineering concepts and so I started to think about ways to overcome this. I had always dreamed of having a flying version of the Co2 dragster and so the journey started to invent a unique product that students could use to solve some real world STEM problems. And so my company ‘Excite + Educate’ was born.

Seven prototypes, several thousand dollars, several thousand hours and seven years later, here we are with “Rocketman”. Our bottle Rocket launcher is robust, safe and easy to use. Rocketman, and is unique in education circles (and in the world for that matter) because it was designed exclusively for the education market with school students in mind. As a result, the students take control of their learning resulting in very high level of engagement.

Rocketman allows some difficult to understand engineering concepts like centre of mass, centre of pressure, moment of inertia, pressure versus volume, lift, drag and thrust to be demonstrated concretely using a model constructed from recycled PET bottles. The student is able to launch their models for no cost to enable them to apply, test and refine their understanding to improve their design. The making of bottle rocket projects is done in a project based learning environment to maximise student centred outcomes while still allowing the classroom teacher to be a technology mentor.

Dean Hannah

Dean Hannah
CEO and Founder, RocketmanTM
BA. Dip Ed